Federal Government urged to create policies to curtail education tourism

Temitope Mustapha, Abuja

The Nigerian Government has been urged to come up with policies that will prohibit policy makers from enrolling their wards in academic studies abroad.

Speaking on the quality of Basic and Post Basic education in Nigeria, the Lead Director of Center for Social Justice, Eze Onyekper, told journalists that the government can only control the trend of current Education tourism from Nigeria to the rest of the World by fully investing in its Education system.

Onyekpere who disclosed that an estimate of 10 billion US Dollars being spent by Nigeria students abroad on education could be deployed by the government to strengthen capacities in public Universities and to get more mileage in the Country`s education sector.

He emphasised that Public Universities should invest in research to meet up with the ongoing evolutions of the 21st Century.

Acknowledging the progress made so far in the development of infrastructures in Public Universities, Onyekpere advised the government to return to student loan scheme to increase enrolment rate in the tertiary institutions and also assist the less privileged of the society.

Speaking on de-marketing of Public higher institutions by Nigerians, The Director of Information and Spokesperson for National Universities Commission, Ibrahim Usman Yakassi lamented some Nigerians perception about Universities in the country saying that the federal government recently deployed internet facility to aid productivity in the public universities.

Yakassai added that Access remains the major problem confronting Nigerian Tertiary institutions.