Swiss government to repatriate $300 million to Nigeria


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyema  has revealed that the government of Switzerland is currently working on modalities to repatriate another $300 million Nigerian money that was stashed away in the country, proceeds of corruption.

The minister, who said this in an interview with journalists yesterday in Abuja, added that this is being achieved even as talks are in progress with other countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States of America to get Nigeria’s looted funds repatriated.

Onyema explained, “Already, over $700 million was repatriated and there was a programme agreed for how that money will be applied. They have also now recovered from same source another $300 million and there’s now ongoing discussion to have that repatriated.”

“There are discussions with a number of governments around the world. The goodwill generated by Mr. President has helped enormously in this whole process and a lot of countries are extremely cooperative to this end,” the minister said.

Earlier at the inauguration of the 113 members of the 22nd regular course of the Foreign Service Academy, the minister explained to them the foreign policy direction of the current administration, which is combating insecurity, tackling corruption and job creation.

He beseeched the trainees to imbibe integrity and continuous self-development.

He noted that the Federal Government has injected substantial funds for infrastructure and facilities for training at the academy.

Permanent Secretary, Ambassador Bulus Lolo in his remarks, informed that the content of the training has been reviewed and is now made functional. “It will last your whole career,” he told the trainees while imploring them to seek to acquire a second language, as this will help them in their career.

The reviewed courses according to him, will equip the trainees to report, negotiate, organise and analyse as diplomats.