7 days ultimatum: APC group insist on Timi Frank as party spokesman

Aanya Igomu

A registered youth group on the platform of the governing All Progressives Congress, APC, Youth for Change (YC) has given the party’s National Chairman, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, seven days ultimatum to instal the party’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary Mr. Timi Frank as the acting spokesman for the party.

The youth group warned that if nothing favourable was done at the expiration of the 7 days ultimatum, it would mobilize Nigerian youths across the country against the party leadership in a massive protest.

In a statement signed in Abuja by the group’s National Coordinator and the Publicity Secretary Adamu Muhammad and Daniels Ojolowo respectively, the group accexpressed disappointment in the leadership of APC.

 “We are shocked at Chief Oyegun’s act of breaching our party’s constitution and exhibiting this undemocratic act under democratic government by allocating the role of the party publicity secretary to himself, thereby denying Comrade Timi Frank, who is constitutionally recognized as the spokesperson, in absence of the National Publicity Secretary.”

Last year, the National Publicity Secretary of APC, Lai Mohammed was appointed a Minister in Nigeria’s Federal Cabinet and therefore relinquished his office as the party spokesman.

According to the APC Constitution, his Deputy, Mr. Timi Frank is to fill his position temporarily until an election is done to fill in the position.

Mr Timi Frank while speaking to journalists earlier in the week said he would drag the party to court if the situation continued.

“I have approached my national chairman,times without number and l have approached the elders of my party regarding this. I have even written an official letter regarding this, to allow me to exercise my right as the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the party. 

The leadership of the party today knows that what they are doing is very, very wrong and if they think that they want to continue to sit down and appoint a national publicity secretary, one day, even the chairman would sit down there and some people would appoint a national chairman for the party without following due process. If as a party, we cannot acknowledge the office of deputies, we should scrap them,” he said.

Last year after Lai Mohammed’s ministerial appointment, when Mr Frank started making demands to be installed as the acting National Publicity Secretary, the Party’s National Chairman Chief John Oyegun said the party’s National Secretary, Mallam Mai-Mallam Buni would act as the party’s spokesman.

“The person you are talking about (Frank) does not speak for the party. The National Secretary will speak for the party and also when I speak, I speak for the party, it is as simple as that”.