Bisi Akande blames ‘missing’ budget on Senate

Former National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC), Chief Adebisi Akande, has blamed the leadership of the Senate for the alleged missing 2016 budget, saying it was the fallout of what he called the parliamentary indiscipline that produced the current Senate leadership.

Akande, who was speaking at an event organized to mark his 77th birthday at his Ila Orangun residence, expressed disappointment at what he called a national embarrassment, wondering why a huge document as Nigeria’s budget could be missing in the upper chamber of the National Assembly.

The elder statesman said his party was mindful of consequences of allowing the wrong people to be at the helm of affairs, which was the very reason the APC had wanted disciplined individuals to lead the Senate.

“Nigeria’s budget is a huge document and one wonders how a document of that size could be missing in the Senate. The development is a fallout of indiscipline that brought the current leadership of the Senate into the position and as you know, that was not the choice of our party”.

Akande said he is in good terms with President Muhammadu Buhari and that he does not feel marginalised contrary to insinuation that the presidency was trying to edge him out.

“I’m in good agreement with President Buhari. Therefore, I don’t feel marginalised. In fact I was in the presidency a few days ago and there was no sign to suggest that the presidency wants to edge me out. But I don’t know what somebody may be planning somewhere.”

The APC leader urged all Nigerians to support the current anti-corruption war.

He said corruption had become a monster, stressing that if it is not properly fought, it would fight back and consume the nation.

Dignitaries from across the country, including public office holders and politicians were at Ila Orangun to rejoice with the former APC Chairman on his 77th birthday.