Kano DISCO begins installation of new smart meters

Acheme Jack, Kano

A pre paid electricity meter

Officials of Kano Electricity Distribution Company (KEDCO) has commenced the massive installation of newly procured pre-paid meters to customers in Kano, as part of efforts to bridge the metering gap in its franchise area.

Kano state, north western Nigeria, is the second biggest commercial centre in the country with high electricity metering needs.

Head of Energy Metering, Mohammed Aliyu Gana, said at the closing of a three day training of staff, that the measure was geared towards restoring customer confidence, as well as to end the estimated billing system.”

Gana, who led participants on the installation exercise at different customer locations, expressed confidence in the trainees and assured that the new meters had been certified and proven to be efficient.

“With the deployment of these new meters,  our customers will have no reason to complain of high bills anymore, as the company will be able to secure its revenue collection, using the smart meters,” Gana stated.

KEDCO, recently through the Central Bank of Nigeria power sector intervention fund acquired 62,000 pre and post paid smart meters to enhance energy recovery and revenue generation for the company.

On the installation timeline, Gana assured that his team could mount the new meters before the end of first quaeter of 2016.

“All things being equal, we should be able to complete the installations of these first sets of pre-paid meters in less than three months,” Gana said.

He explained that “about 75 staff were drawn from the various departments of the company that benefited from the training, while each trainee is expected to install an average of 16 single and three phase meters daily, which brings the total number of the installed meters to 28, 800 in a month,” .