NLC protests sack of workers in Imo state

Martha Obi, Abuja

The Nigeria Labour Congress,NLC, has described the sacking of thousands of workers by the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, as undemocratic.

In a letter to the Governor, NLC advised him to re-consider his action, adding that the suspension of the workers was not in line with the service rules.

“Your Excellency, the suspension of workers on radio without due process goes against the grain of industrial relations practice and trust, which we had invested in you, just as it is an assault on your affirmation statement that you would not want to be caught joining issues with the Congress national headquarters due to your pedigree”.

NLC added that “with the prevailing economic downturn in the country and level of unemployment, is unacceptable for any government to resort to any policy that would worsen the situation of the citizens.              

We are in a democracy governed by the rule of law. In view of the above, please permit us to state that the suspension of these workers is not in line with service rules. They therefore continue to remain bonafide workers of the Imo State Government”.