French Justice Minister resigns amid terror row

The French justice minister has resigned, blaming a “major political disagreement” with her government.

Christiane Taubira stepped down from her job shortly before anti-terrorism proposals that she disagreed with went before parliament.

If passed, the laws would mean that people who are convicted of terrorism offences are stripped of citizenship.

The plans were put forward after the 13 November Paris attacks in which 130 people were murdered.

“I left the government over a major political disagreement,” Ms Taubira said.

“I am choosing to be true to myself, to my commitments, my battles and my relationships with other people.”

Many of the Islamist militants who carried out attacks in France and have joined the jihadist Islamic State (IS) group have had dual citizenship.

Ms Taubira was among several figures on the left who objected to the government’s proposals because they singled out those with dual nationality.

However, the law went before a parliamentary commission shortly after her resignation on Wednesday with no reference to dual nationality.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls presented the revised article of the constitution to parliament, ahead of a debate scheduled to start in early February.