FCT Minister calls for synergy in maintaining facilities

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja

The FCT Minister, Mallam Muhammad Musa Bello has called on top management and the Directors under the FCT Administration to synergize to maintain existing infrastructure and provide quality services to the residents of the Federal Capital Territory.

The Minister made the call while he and some key Directors toured some facilities within the Federal Capital City, Abuja.

The Minister said that, there was need for the synergy because the residents of the Territory cannot distinguish which department handles what services but know of the FCT Administration as an entity.

Mallam Bello recalled that, the President Muhammadu Buahari led Government promised change and that change must be achieved without unnecessary excuses from the FCT Administration.

He emphasised that various departments must purge themselves of the attitude that this particular job is not mine but to see the entire FCT Administration as one body.

According to him, “the previous FCT Administrations have done their bit to build a befitting city to this level of maturity, and therefore, we must join hands to maintain as well as improve on the bequeathed infrastructure to guarantee efficient services to the residents”.

“The dreams of Abuja’s founding fathers have been achieved, and what remains now, as beneficiaries of this beautiful city, is to make sure that we run it efficiently,” he added.

The Minister insisted that Abuja should be a city where the residents are provided with quality services that would make their lives comfortable because, it was the only city in Nigeria created by law.

He charged all FCT Administration heads of Departments and Agencies to work as a team towards achieving the onerous goal.

All of us tend to look at the issue of this our beautiful city only from the perspective of our individual department. We have lost sight of the fact that it is the collective successes of the various departments that make us to be what we are. It is this collective success that makes us to be recognized as running our city well or not. No matter how efficient the man in Urban & Regional Planning is, if the man in Public Works is not working the right way, we will not have the required benefit”, he emphasised.

The Minister stressed that the Administration must work to see how it could replicate in the Area Councils, the infrastructure already existing in the city centre, to make it convenient and comfortable to live anywhere within the 8,000 square kilometers Abuja.

Speaking on the need to show commitment in delivering their task as managers, Mallam Bello also disclosed that henceforth the FCT Administration will hold weekly management meeting, starting from next week, where all the heads of the Mandate Secretaries and Agencies including the FCDA, under the leadership of the Permanent Secretary will brainstorm and see how they will move the city to the next level.

He expressed his dismay that places like the Millennium Park which was supposed to be the flagship of Abuja city has been left in shambles, adding, “if this Park is nice, neat and looking beautiful, it is us, irrespective of who we concessional it to”. 

The FCT Permanent Secretary, Dr. Babatope Ajakaiye and the FCDA Executive Secretary, Engr. Adamu Ismaila also participated in the unscheduled facility tour to inspect some the facilities.