VON DG calls for content improvement in the media

Timothy Choji, Abuja

The Director General of Voice of Nigeria, Mr Sam Worlu says broadcast outfits in the country must work hard to improve on their content, in order to sustain their audience as well as meet up with the demands of the present generation.

“The challenge of satisfying the audience now has increased, you need to do more. Those who ran stations like the Voice of Nigeria and the Nigeria Television Authority in the past, I would say they had an easy time but their era was different. Today, virtually every person in the world has various sources of information and news. So people want more form stations. They want to know what makes you different,” he said.

He disclosed this at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, while speaking to journalists, after paying a visit to the State House.

Constant Training

Mr Worlu stated that training and re-training of Staff remains the priority of the current management of the organization.

“I have just opened a place at our transmitting station in Lugbe, Abuja. It is a training centre where our staff will be trained. This is one of the things I have prioritized since I took over the leadership at VON, because the media is constantly changing and new ways of doing things; new ways of disseminating information keeps coming, you have to keep training your people,” Mr Worlu said.

The Director General used the opportunity to solicit for more funding for VON, which is the sole external broadcast outfit of Nigeria, to achieve the task of disseminating information to the outside world with special regards to the image of Nigeria.

“We are the external broadcast service of the country, an integral part of the public media industry and naturally a key platform for the dissemination of the agenda of the current government, which of course everybody now knows is focused on change. Honestly the government is doing what it can to support the public media industry but I think a lot can still be done, considering the fact that the infrastructure in many of these organization has been neglected for years,” The Director General appealed.