Nigeria Police increases patrol of riverine communities

Eme Offiong, Calabar

The Nigerian police says it has increased surveillance of riverine communities in Cross River State, Southern Nigeria.
The police also urged the people to adopt safer practices and collaborate with the agency.
Mr. Henry Fadairo, the Commissioner of Police in Cross River State, who was speaking with journalists in Calabar, the capital city, said the crime rate was heading downwards due to support from communities.
The commissioner informed journalists that the agencies took steps to increase its patrol in areas considered to be flash points, particularly the riverine communities.
“We decided to station vehicles at strategic locations. The area is accessible by boat and most of these hoodlums come in through the waterways to perpetuate crimes and escape through that same route”, stated Fadairo.
“We have been able to get two of our marine boats to patrol that area and there are other strategies we have adopted to tackle such acts, which cannot be divulge to the media. We assure you the crime rate in that area has gone down”, the commissioner said.
 “I appreciate the people for their unflinching support and cooperation to fight crime last year and we know this unfettered support shall continue in this new year 2016,” he added.
He noted that the Command was able to recover fire arms, live cartridges, and foiled car theft within the last six months.
Fadairo said “We have arrested lots of suspects, some have been charged to court. We need the public to know that we are trying our best to make sure that the crime wave is brought down to the barest minimum”.
The Commissioner promised to intensify efforts to combat all forms of criminality, stating “the Command will not deter in its drive towards expunging from the State unlawful, illicit, illegal and felonious activities”.
I also want to warn all criminally minded persons and perpetrators of heinous crimes to keep away from Cross River State as anyone caught will face the full wrath of the law”.
While emphasizing the importance of citizens’ effort to the success achieved, he added: “Cross River is well known and celebrated as a peaceful friendly tourist State and we shall ensure it remains that way”.

    The effort of the Nigeria Police in increasing the surveillance of the riverine communities in Cross River State is recommendable because it would reduce the rate of illegal activities and crime in the southern area.
    With the help of the communities, the mass media should also be involve in curbing the rate of crime, such as helping in passing across information faster within the local communities and educating the people about the dangers of illegal activities and crime. Crime could also lead to a conflict which is the disagreement between two or more people; it could escalate and causes serious damages to the communities and Nigeria in general.
    The reduction of crime rate will definitely bring about peace and stability within the communities, thereby increasing the production and development of those communities.