Burkina Faso publicises preventive measures on Zika disease

Baby affected by the Zika virus

Burkina Faso’s health ministry has published preventive measures on Zika virus disease, although no case of the disease has been detected in the country.

In the statement, the health ministry said prevention will be based on reduction of the number of mosquitoes from their source and elimination of contact between these insects and human beings.

To achieve this objective, one needs to apply repulsive products, wear clear-coloured cloths covering the whole body, put up physical obstacles for the insects, spray insecticides, close windows and doors and sleep under treated mosquito nets.

“We should also clean up or cover all places that can hold water to prevent reproduction of mosquitoes,” the ministry recommended.

Recently, the World Health Organization declared that “the severity of the health threat associated with the continuing spread of Zika virus disease was a matter of public health emergency of international concern.”

According to specialists, Zika virus was first identified in Uganda in 1947 among monkeys. It was later diagnosed in men in 1952 in Uganda and Tanzania.