Priest commends government’s corruption war

Ngozi John-Anigbogu, Abuja

A Catholic cleric, Rev Father Ronald Awuhe, has commended the corruption war by President Muhammadu Buhari administration saying if the past governments in Nigeria had embarked on this fight against corruption, the vice would not have been endemic as it is today in the country.

Fr. Awuhe who made the commendation in Abuja in an interview with Voice of Nigeria on the occasion of his first Priestly anniversary, advised the government to ensure that the war is total and not targeted at any particular group or region.

‘I have heard interactions where some people say, why is it that the government is carrying this fight against corruption like it is a victimization of some people, but I say, somebody must start somewhere. The past governments did start anywhere. If they had started somewhere, we would not be in this terrible state of serious rip on our economy, on our democracy and on everything we stand for. I have never really understood why an individual should amass enormous wealth meant for the whole nation. So if there are people who have looted the economy they should be prosecuted and meant to return everything that they have embezzled. There should be no sacred cows.’

The cleric however urged the government to sit down to address the problems of the masses, the rural poor who look up to the government to provide for them.

In the words of the clergyman, ‘what Nigerians need is a ‘Sit-in President’ who would feel the pains of the people. Our problems are in Nigeria, not in America or in Britain or in Saudi Arabia and people are really suffering. We need to develop our economy from within.’

He said that even as a priest, he felt the impact of the economic situation in the country because hungry parishioners come to him to seek for assistance.

Rev Fr Awuhe appealed to Nigerians to continue to pray for the government expressing the hope that with time things would improve.

Rev. FR Ronald Awuhe is a Catholic Priest of the Abuja Archdiocese.