85 year-old breaks marathon record

Aisha John-Mark with agency report

An 85 year old man, Ed Whitlock has emerged new world record holder after the English-born Canadian finished the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in under four hours last Sunday. He ran the fastest in the 85-90 years age category.

Whitlock ran the marathon in 3 hours, 56 minutes smashing the previous record of 4 hours, 34 minutes, he is known as “The Master”, and certainly lives up to his name.

The singlet he ran in is 30 years old, while his sneakers are 15 years old. “They’re well-aged,” he joked in a post-race press conference.

He did not race last year due to problems with his knees.

“Somehow on occasion I get running in a long groove and they flare up and start to hurt,” he said.

“The only thing I can do that seems to get rid of it is to take a rest.”

Whether he’ll be able to break his own record, Whitlock is uncertain. “I don’t want to disgrace myself, I suppose,” he said, laughing.

He currently holds 36 world records.