Abuja carnival steps up with Durbar display

One of the line up of activities at the ongoing 2016 Abuja carnival is the Durbar, of which the Northern states of Nigeria are mostly the participants.

Some of the states that took part in this year’s Durbar were Yobe, Jigawa, Bauchi and Katsina states.

The carnival started with a street procession by the participating states from the thirty six states of the Federation.

The procession took off from the Old Parade Ground, a suburb of the federal capital territory through some designated routes to Area One Roundabout and a final stop at the Eagle Square.abuja-carnival6

The Sunday Durbar was a sight to behold as horses, and camels beautifully decorated with gold and other expensive ornaments were on display at the Eagle Square, venue of the event.

 The horsemen engaged the horses and camels in acrobatic display and in a fierce competition to the admiration of all present at the event.

Mansur Abubakar, a member of Yobe state contingent, while giving insight of the Durbar event said it was a show of sportsmanship and loyalty to the emirates council.

The warriors were formerly used for battles. Since there are no more wars, the warriors are now being used for festivals and entertainment,’’ he explained.abuja-carnival4

Mr Bashir Aliyu is with one of the contingents from Katsina state and a senior lecturer from the Department of Nigerian Languages, Umar Musa Yar’adua University, who participated at the Durbar.

He expressed joy to be part of the carnival to showcase what he could do acrobatically with the horse.

One of the residents of the capital city Mustapha Ali, said he had never missed the Abuja carnival since it began, due to the richness in cultural display, especially the Durbar.

The carnival will continue on Monday with the Masquerade Fiesta and Boat Regatta at the Eagle Square and Jabi Dam respectively.