Activist cautions Nigerian Judges against conflicting judgement

Rafat Salami, Abuja

A Nigerian lawyer and civil society activist Mr. Chijioke Kanu has called on the Nigeria Judicial Council to stop what he described as ‘Judicial rascality’ by Nigerian Judges.

Mr Kanu made the call in response to the conflicting court judgements issued in respect to the Peoples Democratic Party Convention scheduled to take place today in Port-Harcourt, the Rivers state capital.

Justice Victor Okon Abang of the Federal High Court in Abuja ordered the suspension of the convention a few hours after another Federal High Court sitting in Prot-Harcourt gave an order compelling the INEC to monitor the convention which it said should go on, and also asked the police and the Department of State Secret Service to enforce security at the convention ground; the two court judgements had plunged the PDP into uncertainty.

”Time has come when we have to actually hold judges accountable for what they have done wrong when it is very clear they were doing the wrong thing. You know we have this type of situation in election tribunal , nearly  90 % of  judgements of tribunals was upturned on appeal, because the judges were not doing anything they were just doing whatever they wanted run away, which means they did not do a thorough job” he said.

Still speaking on the judicial responsibility, the civil rights activists who heads a group Restructure Nigeria Project, said the judicial system in Nigeria is in need of restructuring which will make it easy for ordinary citizens to seek legal aid as well make it easy for the judgement to be obeyed.

Meanwhile, Ahmed Makarfi one of the factional leaders of the PDP declared the convention open despite a court order restraining the party from doing so. The Makarfi-convention opened in the PDP secretariat in Port-Harcourt the Rivers State Capital.