Africa gets entrepreneurship ‘startups’

Africa has come of age to have more entrepreneurs and innovators who can explore the rich resources untapped in the continent.

They can to take advantage of value-creating opportunities by building enterprises that can scale fast, create quality jobs and reduce dependence on foreign products and services.

In line with this, Rays and Beams Pavillion have introduced a platform which empower and support African ‘startups’.

The platform is empowering and supporting entrepreneurs to seamlessly take their ‘startup’ ideas to the world.

Tackling challenges
According to the Director of Rays and Beams Pavillion, Nnanna Igwe, “The platform represent everything about entrepreneurship by tackling most of the challenges entrepreneurs face on the way to becoming world business leaders from helping entrepreneurs and innovators raise funds for their business proposals to giving entrepreneurs and innovators across Africa more media exposure to reach out to the world and giving entrepreneurs the platform to sell and buy.”

“With our relationships with the top stakeholders in the ‘startup’ ecosystem, African Entrepreneurship Startup Project, AESP , help entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives without moving from one platform to another looking for different solutions, on the other hand giving them more time to be productive.”

The platform ( is grouped into different categories to help entrepreneurs scale up their businesses at ease at every stage.

  • Through the AESP FundMe-Donate, entrepreneurs and innovators can apply for business funds for their business ideas or business expansion.
  • The AESP FundMe-Donate will be funded through donations, crowd funding and investments. Anyone can apply for the funds /donate.

Also, through the platform, entrepreneurs, organisations, and innovators can make press release for the products. The platform helps reach to more audience who are looking out for the latest and best in the African continent.

Its e-commerce category helps sellers use the reliable, fast, and trusted platform to meet buyers.

PR/Sammie Idika