African companies adopt IBM Cloud for IT solutions

IBM has announced that eight companies across Africa, spanning some of the fastest growing industries in the region, from telecommunications to retail, have chosen IBM to provide IT solutions delivered as a service via IBM Cloud.

This will help the firms drive productivity, innovation, differentiation and competitiveness in their respective industries. The company stated this during its signature event in Lagos; ‘IBM Business Nigeria 2016’.

Companies across the continent turn to IBM Cloud to drive growth strategies, accelerate digital transformation projects and mitigate the macro-economic challenges of their operating environment.

Located in various urban centers across the west, north, central and southern African regional economic zones, all businesses seek to use IBM public and hybrid cloud solutions to accelerate business development and innovation and create global growth strategies.

Companies including Navigation and Geocoding Technologies Ltd. (Naveo), Whogohost, Korrect Software, Serve Consulting, and IntTeck Global Systems, are all looking to the hybrid cloud for greater flexibility, scalability and central management. This will enable them to move workloads to where they make the most sense for their business.

These companies are not alone and their move to the hybrid cloud is indicative of a global trend. According to IDC, hybrid cloud is the new norm for businesses, and it predicts that more than 80 percent of enterprise IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures by 2017.

A 2016 global study of hybrid cloud; Growing up Hybrid Accelerating Digital Transformation  from the IBM Center for Applied Insights, found that 500 hybrid cloud implemented from 13 countries and 23 industries are using hybrid cloud to jump start “next-generation” initiatives.

The IBM Cloud allows a company to improve business agility and capacity to quickly meet shifting customer demands,” says Tejas Mehta, General Manager, IBM Central and West Africa. He added, “The Africa region is propelling innovation by adopting IBM Cloud. The IBM Cloud will give them the technical muscle to consistently align their operational objectives and assets with prevailing market conditions, laying a foundation for commercial sustenance and future growth.”

In January 2016, Synergy Group Research and Forrester, respectively ranked IBM as the first in Hybrid and positioned it as a leader in Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions.


allAfrica/ Zainab Sa’id