Agriculture, Culture Exhibition take centre stage in Gombe Anniversary

Rebecca Mu’azu, Gombe

Gombe State Government is showcasing the agricultural endowment and rich cultural heritage of its people at the Grand celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Gombe as a state.

The Agriculture and Cultural Exhibition, in Billiri, southern Gombe State, according to the government, is to ultimately achieve self-sufficiency and food security for the peaceful co-existence of the people.

According to the government, the topography, soil, vegetation, water resources and the enterprising population have made the state a leading investment destination in agricultural production and solid minerals development in Nigeria.

This, the government said led the founding fathers of Gombe State to choose the slogan Jewel in the Savannah, because the state consists of diverse ethnic, cultural and religious background.

Also in the past, when the agricultural shows were held more regularly, there were more interactions and integration of the people and cultures, thereby creating understanding and enhancing peaceful co-existence among them.

History heard it that, the last exhibition was won by Billiri Local Government Area, perhaps the reason for hosting the event in that place.

However, the Chairman of Billiri Local Government Area, Mr. Farouk Dankuka, said the choice of Billiri was an indication that the state was indeed united.

“The choice of Billiri, the Headquarters of Billiri Local Government Area, to host this historic occasion, is a clear testimony to the fact that the people of Gombe State are indeed one and united as an indivisible entity,” said Mr. Dankuka.

According to Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwanbo, the Government is determined to provide the enabling environment and support to attract investment into agriculture and solid mineral resources in the state.

He said his administration would continue its efforts to ensure that the state maintained its position as one of the leading food baskets of the nation.

Represented by his deputy, Dr Charles Iliya, Governor Dankwambo, said the exhibition was organised to showcase the Agricultural potential and cultural diversity of the people, which would ensure self sufficiency, food security and create avenues to preserve the cultural heritage of the state.

“The people of Gombe State have high respect for our culture and value system which indeed made it possible for the sustenance of peace, despite our cultural and religious differences. The exhibition will provide an avenue to promote and preserve our cultural heritage for generations yet unborn”, the governor said.

Governor Dankwanbo said one of the prominent programmes of his administration, is to boost agriculture and an improved diversified economy in the state, as well as provide the enabling environment to support and attract investors into the state.

He said successive Governments since the creation of the state in 1996, by putting in place various programmes that supported increased production through modern farming.

“This administration will continue with efforts to ensure that, the state remains one of the leading food basket in the country, the state is willing to partner with individuals, groups, and corporate organisations willing to invest in agriculture and solid mineral resources in the state,” he added.

The first Military Administrator of Gombe State, Rtd. Group Captain Joseph Orji, said the people must take advantage of the natural endowments the state was blessed with, so as to uplift the state to a higher position in terms of agricultural production.

The exhibitions were done according to local government and the resources they produce. It will be closed on Thursday, September 29, 2016.