ANC guns for anti-discrimination legislation in South Africa

Tony Ekata, Pretoria

 The ruling African National Congress (ANC) says it will push for a legislation which will make “glorification” and promotion of racism and apartheid illegal in South Africa.

In a reaction to the latest racially charged incident on social media where real estate agent, Penny Sparrow, compared black people to monkeys, the ANC is determined that it will officially begin steps to introduce anti-racist and anti apartheid legislation.

In the context of our painful past, racial bigotry and apartheid must be considered serious human rights violations that must be punishable by imprisonment. 

“Elsewhere glorification of Nazism and denial of Holocaust is a crime and perpetrators are tried and sentenced to a prison term,” said the ANC in a statement.

The Economic Freedom Fighters has also echoed the sentiment and has promised to utilise its time in parliament this year to promulgate anti-racist legislation.

In a statement released by the party, the EFF vows to lead a debate in Parliament on how to come up with legislation that will punish anti-black racism and make it a crime once and for all.


Racist social media posts have recently seen a marked reaction from those offended by various posts. Former DA Shadow Minister of Police Dianne Kohler Barnard was expelled from the party following her sharing of a post on Facebook which glorified apartheid. She was later readmitted back to the party following an appeal.

Also noteworthy economist Chris Hart will have to undergo a disciplinary process at Standard Bank Group, following a post on Twitter which offended many. 

The first joint sitting of parliament this year will take place on 11 February during the State Of the Nation Address.