Army clears boko haram hideouts in Chukungudu, Lake Chad

Hajia Sani, Ugo Okoro

Troops of 7 Division in the Nigerian Army, have conducted an operation to clear remnants of boko haram from the strategic hub town of Chukungudu on the southern fringes of the Lake Chad Region, in the northern part of Borno State.

They were led by the General Officer Commanding of the Division, Brigadier General Victor Ezugwu.

Also, the maneuvering Brigade led by 3 Battalion of 22 Brigade, successfully cleared Geram, Bulankassa and Chukungudu believed to be the terrorists’ stronghold in that area.

The army rescued 85 people, comprising of mostly women and children held hostage by insurgents.img-20161106-wa0011

“They also neutralized 5 boko haram terrorists fighters in a fierce encounter that made several of the terrorists running into the Lake Chad waters,” Army spokesman Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman said.

The troops recovered  4 rounds of Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) bombs, 1 Double Barrel Gun, 349  packets containing various rounds of ammunitions, 3 Magazines, a link belt of machine gun ammunition and 1 AK-47 rifle magazine.


During the clearance operations, the troops made the discovery of  an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) making factory at Geram. In the factory, they found several already primed suicide bombers’ vests.

They also discovered a well equipped motor vehicles and motorcycles’ workshop and spare parts warehoused at Chukungudu village.

The troops recovered 3 vehicles and several newly acquired motorcycles.img-20161106-wa0007

Unfortunately, a soldier died during the encounter.img-20161106-wa0006

In line with Rules of Engagement, IED factory, vehicles and motorcycles were destroyed.