Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over Celebrity Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzenegger's name was all over the premiere of The New Celebrity Apprentice.

Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the host of popular television show ‘celebrity apprentice’.

On Monday night, new episode used slogans like ‘you’re terminated’ (instead of Donald Trump’s ‘you’re fired’) to introduce the contestants to his new style as ‘boss’ of the show.

Surprisingly, US president-elect, Donald Trump still bears credits from the show as ‘Executive producer’, “leading to assertions the incoming president could have divided attention if he continues to have an influence in the handling of the TV program,” American political analysts lamented.

Trump erased
From scenes of fast cars, to electrical sounds to rock music, the producers of the show ensured that every trace of Donald Trump was erased from the show, as he claimed recently he won’t be actively involved in the production of the hit show.

The attempts to remove Trump’s stamp and name off the TV brand that he co-created 12 years ago were obvious from the beginning as Schwarzenegger’s name was written all over the show and he even introduced nephew, Patrick Schwarzenegger alongside ex-top model, Tyra Banks as his advisors on the show.

Trump’s name appeared after Mark Burnett (show’s co-founder) but before Schwarzenegger, who is also an executive producer on this show.

Trump will earn a five figure sum for being on the credits.