Arsene Wenger to stay for two more seasons

Arsenal FC Manager, Arsene Wenger, has agreed to a new two-year deal at Arsenal that will be announced on Wednesday.

A formal announcement is likely to follow on Wednesday. The structure of the club is set to remain the same under Wenger’s management ahead of the 2017-18 campaign.

The 67-year-old has come under increased pressure from supporters this season as the Gunners slipped to a fifth-place finish in the Premier League that saw them miss out on qualification for the Champions League for the first time since Wenger took charge in 1996.

After the Gunners finished fifth in the Premier League, their worst finish for 21 years, Wenger conceded that they had played in an “absolutely horrendous” psychological environment.

He put this in part down to all the speculation over his future.



Aisha JM