Austria opposes ban on diesel powered vehicles

The Austrian government does not subscribe to the ban on diesel-powered cars to be part of its efforts to reduce hazardous exhaust emissions, Transportation Minister Joerg Leichtfried, has said.

We are focusing on incentives, not ban,’’ the minister said.

The minister’s comments was made after t German automakers met with federal and state officials in Berlin to discuss concrete measures against air pollution from automobile exhaust.

Leichtfried said he prefers newly registered vehicles in Austria to be emissions-free by 2030.

Austria is currently promoting the development of electric vehicles with 72 million Euros (85 million dollars) in funding. The government should take lower-income drivers into consideration,’’ Leichtfried said, adding that such drivers might not be able to afford the shift to electro-mobility.

In Austria like in Germany, every third car registered in the country is diesel-powered.



Mazino Dickson