Boko haram is no threat in Yobe- Governor Geidam

Ben Adam Shemang, Abuja

The Yobe State Governor in North eastern part of Nigeria, Alhaji
Ibrahim Geidam has praised the military and the federal government for
ensuring that peace returns in the state.

“We have gotten relative peace, people are going about
their normal lives and businesses, no threat to security of lives and property in any part of Yobe, we do not have any threats of boko haram anywhere in Yobe as I speak with you right now”,
he explained.

The governor who briefed President Muhammadu Buhari on security
situation in the state said boko haram terrorists have been cleared from the state.

While answering questions from State House Correspondents, Governor
Geidam gave more insight on the situation in the state:
“in Yobe state we experienced insurgency for about two or three years, there were times when the boko haram terrorists occupied two of our local government areas of Gulani and Gujiba before they were liberated, as I am talking to you now we have about 3000 IDPs in our camp, because they need rehabilitation of their destroyed homes by boko
haram, some need outright reconstruction of their homes especially those which were completely destroyed by the boko haram terrorists, so I came here to give him a firsthand information of things on ground there”.

On funds required to rebuild Local Governments destroyed by boko haram, the governor said it was a great amount of money needed for that purpose.

“Well by our estimates, actually if the federal government spends anything from 10 to 20billion the whole areas which were destroyed by boko haram will be reconstructed and people will go back to their homes and resume their normal lives”.

For the time being, the Yobe state governor says life has returned
fully in the state with banks, markets, transportation moving