Cameroon president declares national mourning over train accident

Cameroonian President Paul Biya has declared October 24 as national mourning day for the victims of Friday’s train derailment accident, which left more than 70 people killed.

The national flag will fly at half mast throughout the country as well as in Cameroon’s diplomatic offices.

The president, who is abroad, also ordered the government to take all necessary measures to assist the victims and take investigations to determine the reason of the accident.

A passenger train traveling from Yaounde to economic city of Douala derailed around 12:30 Friday in Eseka station in Central Region, about 120 km southwest of Yaounde.

The injured passengers are taking free treatment in different hospitals, and the rescuers are still working on the site with the hope to finding more victims from the derailed train cars.

The derailed train took double its usual passengers, as the road from Yaounde-Douala was disconnected early Friday morning. Many passengers who planned to take bus had to choose train, which forced the railway authorities, Camrail, to add more cars to the train.

According to report, the train consisted of 20 cars, out of which, 11 overturned in Eseka.


Africa News/Zainab Sa’id