Cameroon vows to fight boko haram

Ben Adam Shemang, Abuja

As Cameroon President, Paul Biya ends his two day official visit to Nigeria; he said his country is committed to the fight against boko haram.

During a joint media briefing by Presidents Muhammadu Buhari and Paul Biya, each of the leaders told the press its commitment to end the fight against terrorism.

This assurance from the Cameroonian President is coming against the notion that the country was never committed to the fight against terrorists and saw it as purely the internal matter of Nigeria.

Mr. Biya said at home and abroad especially in Europe, he was asked this question severally.

 “I must say that Cameroon was never reluctant in the fight against boko haram. This is just about bad press and Cameroon remains focused and committed in the fight against boko haram,” he assured.

President Buhari on his part took time to pay glowing tribute to the G7 countries and for assisting in the fight against the terrorists and similarly commended those countries of the Lake Chad Basin Commission in doing a marvelous job in giving deadly blows against boko haram through the Multi National Joint Task Force.

Following rule of law
President Buhari denied allegations that despite handing over the oil rich Bakassi peninsular to Cameroon, that Nigeria still intends to exploit the economic resources in there.

Even though the International Court of Justice at The Hague has ruled in favour of Cameroon, the issue of mineral resources and hydrocarbon and other maritime issues are still pending

President Buhari, however, said Nigeria is a nation that believes in the rule of law and that there is a joint committee between the two nations that is still looking at many of these issues

“On this issue, I want to tell the people of Cameroon to keep their minds at peace. Nigeria is an internationally respectful and law abiding nation.”

The two leaders promised to work together for the common good of their citizens especially in areas of trade and commerce.

There are pending international roads to be constructed to link the two countries to ease movement of goods, services and persons between Nigeria and Cameroon.

President Biya has already returned to his country with his wife who accompanied him on this trip