Candidates in Ghanaian election make big promises

Aliyu Othman, Abuja

The seven Presidential candidates including an Independent Candidate contesting in the  Ghanaian election on Wednesday have made big promises to convince voters.

The leading contenders the National Democratic Congress, NDC, and incumbent President John Dramani Mahama and leading opposition candidate Mr. Nana Addo Danquah of the New Patriotic Party, NPP spoke of their campaigns promises to Ghanaian voters.

President Mahama of the NDC assured the Ghanaian voters of a radical difference if reelected with fiscal discipline and promising to tackle corruption as a priority.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate, Mr. Addo Danquah , contesting for the third time recently criticized his main contender President Mahama for allegedly mismanaging the economy and allowing corruption to flourish and called on voters to vote for NPP.

Other political parties that fielded candidates include Progressive People’s Party, Mr. Kwasi Nduom; People’s National Convention, Mr. Edward Mahama; Convention People’s Party, Mr. Ivor Greenstreet; Independent Candidate, Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah and National Democratic Party of Madam Nana Konado Rawlings, the wife of former president Jerry Rawlings.

As the Presidential campaigns end for the Wednesday December 7 elections Ghanaians continue to express concern over the threats to peace and calls for peaceful elections promising to continue to live in peace before, during and after the election.

The presidential candidate of the ruling National Democratic Congress, President Mahama stressed that no drop of the blood of a Ghanaian was worth any political power in the world and urged all candidates to commit to peace ahead of the December 7 polls.

“Let’s continue to ignore all forms of provocation,” Mahama said while urging Ghanaians to “vote peacefully and wait for the results’’.

On his part Mr. Akufo-Addo warns that “the consequences of the presidential election on Wednesday are really, really serious for the future of our country.”

He advised Ghanaians to vote for change to guarantee the future of Ghana.

President Mahama will cast his vote in his hometown of Bole in the north while Mr. Akufo-Addo will vote in the eastern town of Kibi.

The Ghana general election will also feature parliamentary elections where two hundred and seventy five members will be elected into the unicameral legislature.

As the winds of change blows across Africa and with the recent presidential elections results   especially in Gambia, Nigeria, and other parts of Africa, Ghana will either key in or give a surprise at the end of Wednesday’s presidential election.