Chamber of Commerce fortifies its diversification plan

Cynthia Okere, Lagos

One of the foreign exhibitors with some members of NACCIMA.

Diversifying the economy to Agriculture without equipping and encouraging the local farmers will not yield a positive result.
The Chairman All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Mr. Femi Oke advised the government to provide the necessary machinery and infrastructural development that will help the local farmers compete with their counterparts in other parts of the world to bring the diversification plan to reality.

He was speaking in Lagos at the international investment and exhibition conference organized by the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture NACCIMA

Mr Oke lauded the international investment exhibition and said most of the exhibitors have some farm tools that will really impact positively on agriculture.
Non-oil sector
He urged all farmers in Nigeria to avail themselves the opportunity of tapping into the necessary equipment that will help upgrade their products.
The Chairman encouraged the youths to go into farming instead of waiting for white collar jobs.
”We are encouraging every person, the youth, the retirees, the civil servants to go into farming. Agric is now a real business” Mr. Oke stated.

Solar system
A member of the Nigerian Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture NACCIMA, Mr Tunji Olukoya said there is need to focus on solar system as means of power generation since it cannot be interrupted like the man made light.
Mr. Olukoya also urged entrepreneurs to avail themselves the opportunity of tapping into the exhibition to create relationship with the foreign investors that will add to their business expansion especially in the area of solar energy.
”Solar is the way for Nigeria to go now. The natural gas is being hampered by the militants in the Niger Delta and therefore, we cannot rely on that to produce our power. If we have sun, we will be able to tap into solar power to pump our water, do irrigation and other purposes, it will go a long way to help us” he added.
One of the foreign exhibitor and the Chief Executive Officer of Almandina Misurata Company for paints and pastes industry, Mr. Hamza Matai said he is ready to collaborate with the government to do business.
He explained that his target is to build an industry that will create employment opportunities to the unemployed youth, engage them in training in different parts of the world and pay them stipend that will change their status.
According to him, human investment is the fastest means of development in any community.
”In Nigeria, people believe that the poor should continue going down while the rich goes up. This is something that happens in any country where there is high population but it is a wrong idea. I have come to see that it is not as if those referred to as poor are actually poor but that they don’t know how to use the little resources they have to start life due to the lack of education. I urge the Nigerian government not to look at those people as if they are not human but should invest in them, human resource now is the main thing, not the land, gold or even the oil but the human,” he explained.
The exhibition is part of the 2016 Lagos international trade fair which started on 4th to end on 13th November 2016.
The theme for this year’s fair is ’Positioning the Nigerian Economy for diversification and sustainable growth’’.

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