Clergy urges Christians to unite in serving God

Hudu Yakuba, Abuja

Christians world over have been called upon to unite themselves and serve God according to teaching of “Jesus Christ” as written in the Holy Bible.

A Rev Father of Evangelical Church of Winning All, ECWA, Rev. Michael Adamu made the call in Abuja as part of activities marking this year Easter celebration.

Rev. Adamu urged Christian’s world over to embrace the lessons of Easter as a practical guide to life.

He noted that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, through the sadness, pain and despair of Crucifixion also embodied hope, liberation and victory over darkness, as evidenced in the Resurrection.

Rev. Adamu added that through tough and calm times, people of faith have an example to emulate.

The Rev. Father expressed the hope that universal message of a common humanity will spur Nigerians to uphold peace and harmony, and to always embrace others as part of the great family God has created.

While congratulating Nigerian Christians for marking another Easter, he also called on them to exhibit the virtue of Christ, of love and sacrifices learned during the Easter celebration and manifest it in their daily lives.

It is in our collective interest to live in peace because without
peace, no meaningful and sustainable development can take place. Lack of peace in one part affects in one way or the other, all parts of the country. Our people must rediscover the values of peaceful co-existence, social justice, religious tolerance, dignity of labour and patriotism”,
he added.

He also advised politicians not see politics as do or die affairs for the interest of the nation and the next generation.

The Rev. Rev. Father further urged the government to sustain the fight against corruption and terrorism, as well as enhance the security of lives and property of its citizen all over the country.

On his part, the Secretary of the Church, Mr Steven Jatau recalled that God has a reason for creating both Muslims and Christians together and there is need to embrace peace and see one another as their brother’s keeper.

Mr Jatau further advised Nigerians to keep faith in their leaders and always pray for them to succeed in the task before them.

He said it is the duty and responsibility of every Christian to pray for the leaders and the nation at any trying time to succeed in leading the country to the right path.