Cleric tells religious leaders not to mislead followers

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja.

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The lack of sound knowledge by some religious preachers has been identified as one of the factors responsible for religious extremism in Nigeria.

An Islamic scholar, Mr Yusuf Adam says that such extremist religious scholars were responsible for the boko haram insurgency in some parts of the country.

Speaking in an interview with Voice of Nigeria in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, Mr Adam called on religious clerics, both Muslim and Christian, to stick to their primary role of enlightening and educating their followers about their religions, not misleading them.

Mr Adams stressed that any society that was not morally sound, was bound to witness all sorts of social ills that would plunged that country into chaos.

He noted that, in most cases, youths in the country embraced cultures were are alien to them, without considering the consequences entrenched in them.

According to Mr Adams,” various terms have been crafted. The word, extremist, was crafted initially, then gradually it migrated to the word, terrorism, and when we look at it, these are words that are used subjectively by those who have an aim to achieve with it. If you think to read what they write or what they say, you find, there is gross ignorance in their understanding.

I don’t think, there should had been such things as extremist. Rather, I think it should be such people as those who misunderstood the religious, because if we look at the entire life of the prophet Mohammed (SAW), twenty three years of his mission, thirteen years he spent in Mecca. How did he spend it, and the remaining ten years in Medina? But when people are told of history, they don’t realize exactly what is obtainable today”, he added.

Commenting on the activities of boko haram in the north eastern part of the country, Adams pointed out that, they were actually being used by those who had a long plan and they brain washed those with limited knowledge to carry out such barbaric acts in the society.

One would ask himself: those who are religious extremists, you go into killing human beings. When you kill these people, who then will you preach to? You are supposed to rescue a soul into the guardians not to kill a soul because whether a believer or not a believer, Allah created all of them and everybody has an purpose on earth”, he stressed.

On the efforts made by the military to completely clear the insurgents in the country, Malam Adams said “ I think the troops are very serious, at least, we have not been there but what we read on newspapers. The achievement I think is great but the bullets alone would not solve the problems because when you finish dealing with the militants who hold guns and do not know which cause they are fighting for. If you ask Niger Delta militants, they will say resource control but the boko haram, what is their mission? It means they are being used.

He called on the government to give the troops in the front lines, all the necessary support that will enable them rid the country of the activities of the murderous boko haram sect.