Cleric urges Muslim youths to acquire more knowledge

Fatima Hassan. Abuja

Muslim youths have been advised to acquire more knowledge in order to be good ambassadors of Islam.

The President of Ummah, Islamic organization, Sheik Sadik Muhammed stated this at the Peace and Unity Convention in Abuja.

He said it is important and compulsory for every Muslim to be educated and endeavour to emulate the teaching and character of the prophet Muhammad.

Muslim youth should seek for knowledge which is very important and compulsory on every Muslim as narrated, they should also endeavour to be patient, calm, kind, and to strive to emulate the prophet Muhammad S.A.W. whom Allah tell us in the holy Qur’an that “verily we have created you with the best of character” so Insha Allah once they have done this; they will be the future leader we hope them to be.                

Shiek Muhammed also explained the importance of the convention to Nigeria “Generally the convention is really about bringing the Muslim community together with the aim of building and promoting Islam as well as bettering the lives of Muslims. It’s also an opportunity for us to address some of our problem that we have as an Ummah, not just in Nigeria but globally as well. It helps us in promoting and building peace as well as learn the true teachings of Islam. Talking about education, the more you are educated the more we will leave in peace with one another and then we will have a better understanding of all our affair and activities.”

He also advised non-Muslims to learn about Islam in order to differentiate between those trying to tarnish the image of Islam.

The  two day convention with the theme “Peace and Unity” attracted dignitaries from different parts of the world including the  Imam of the Holy Ka’abah, in Makkah , Sheikh Imam Adil al-Kalbani and the prominent Islamic preacher from Zimbabwe, Sheikh Isma’iI Menk among others.