Consumer Protection Council to pursue robust consumer education

Elizabeth Christopher, Abuja

The Consumer Protection Council says it is would embark on educating consumers to enable them know their rights.

The Director General of the council, Mr. Babatunde Irukera made the commitment when he appeared on a Voice of Nigeria programme:In the News.

“We  will pursue a very robust consumer education and strategy that really sends the message of the right and responsibility of consumers in multiple languages as well as encourage people to know their rights and make the whole process of enforcement more accessible,” he said.

He also said the number one right of the consumer is to be satisfied.

“The CPC has taken a strong position with respect to making sure that consumers get value for money. We need to expand the access of consumers to understand what their rights, obligations of manufactures and service providers are,” he said.

“We seek an aggressive growth of our complaint and grievances mechanism; we also seek partnership with trade association and professional bodies in dealing with consumer right abuse,” he emphasized.

Mr. Irukera also said that the Consumer Protection Council is building a platform that would help in addressing consumer rights abuse.

“We will also constitute a monitoring device for getting feedback for the society and aggregate any complaint and engage the relevant stakeholders to address the issue,” he said.

He added that the council will explore every avenue to ensure that consumer is protected by preventing injuries and when injuries occur, those who cause it will absolutely be accountable to redressing it.

He further explained that CPC is therefore encouraging and performing statutory role in ensuring that appropriate research and prevailing technology is adopted to determine the safest way in protecting consumers in the most acceptable manner to all stakeholders across the market.