Dalung inaugurates board of Nigeria gymnastics federation

The Nigeria Minster of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung has inaugurated members of the board of the Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria (GFN) in Abuja on Thursday.

Dalung has charged the board members of the Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria (GFN) to eschew violence and work to take the sport to greater heights.

“The Harmonization Committee met today to resolve all grey areas surrounding the election of the Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria.

“Rowdiness and unruly behaviour were pointed out as some of the challenges faced during the electoral process.

“We have made it clear to the president that the leadership of the GFN must do everything possible to ensure a violent-free administration.

“We have extracted a letter of commitment from the board,’’ a statement by the minister’s Special Adviser on Media, Nneka Anibeze read.

“If there is violence of any form in the federation, we will move in and help you to stabilize.

“Nobody should intimidate or harass any member of this federation or any other federation. You must use diplomacy, love and care to carry everyone along in this federation.

“You must respect everyone’s contributions while decisions must be taken at board meetings or at the congress.’’

Also contained in the statement, the minister also urged the board to keep transparent records of funding from international bodies and all other records for accountability and urged them to avoid running a one-man administration.

Responding, the President, Prince Kelvin Ehizogia, promised to carry the board members along and seek ways of promoting the sport in the country and beyond.

“I assure the minister on behalf of my board that we will not let you down. We will do all we can to take Gymnastics to enviable heights’’ Ehizogia said.




Aisha JM