Democracy on course in Nigeria

Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos

It is pertinent to sustain Nigeria’s Democratic transition and further develop democratic institutions in order to guarantee political stability.

Social commentator and pro-democracy activist, Joachim Aro made this submission in the wake of Nigeria’s celebration of 18 years of return to democratic rule.

According to him, despite the enormous challenges the country has witnessed in its 56 years of existence, democracy remains the only option open to Nigerians.

Buhar’s two years in Office
Mr Aro scores the government of President Muhammadu Buhari high in the fight against insurgency and corruption.

He wants critics of the Buhari government to take cognizance of the mindless looting and wanton corruption perpetrated by the previous government before taking the current administration to task.

“This is the time not to be in government, this is the time government is not attractive at all, because the truth is that past governments have practically destroyed the foundation of this nation, during former President Jonathan’s period, it was wholescale looting. Nigeria became practically a banana republic economically”.

The critic however, wants President Buhari to rearrange his cabinet as the countdown to his third year in office begins.

Nigeria marked eighteen years of uninterrupted Democratic rule on May, 29.

Confidence Okwuchi