Digitization will transform the economy- NBC

Solomon Chung, Abuja

The Director General of Nigeria’s National Broadcasting Commission, Mr Modibbo Kawu says that digital broadcasting will boost the African economy.

“The revolution will create business opportunities, jobs, as well as improve standards of broadcasting on the continent”, he said to reporters.

He was speaking at a press conference ahead of the 20th edition of the International Conference for African Broadcasters popularly known as AFRICAST to be held in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city from 18th to 20th of October.

AFRICAST which is an International Conference for African broadcasters has grown to become a major industry hub in the global industry calendar.

AFRICAST has evolved as an investment platform and market place of ideas and material. At AFRICAST, industry players will listen to Conference papers, attend master classes and discussions which are rich and engaging,” the D.G said.

 According to Kawu, there is a great significance, between the first AFRICAST in 1996 and that of 2016.

He said that “the first AFRICAST somewhat coincided with the deregulation of the industry and in 2016 we are at the threshold of the digital transition which will have several benefits for the country.

At AFRICAST 2016 we shall be witnessing a convergence of idea, celebration of excellence, and also hope that Africa will project its place in the global arena.

He added “We are thinking about a new future for AFRICAST, we plan to make it bigger and better and also plan to make it a yearly activity instead of the current Biennial.”

Kawu further said that the commission is considering the idea of making the event take place annually for the benefit of all stakeholders.

We want AFRICAST to be a permanent industry activity on the global calendar”, he said.