Djibouti celebrates 40th independence anniversary

The Red Sea state of Djibouti marked its 40th independence anniversary on Tuesday June 27, 2017.

The country located in the Horn of Africa region close to the Somali peninsula was under French control till it gained independence in 1997.

The 40th independence parade was attended by President Omar Guelleh as well as high ranking officials from neighbouring countries.

Chinese security personnel, U.S. and Indian forces also joined in the parade to mark the event.

The country is currently seen as a strategic security location with the United States, France and Japan all operating military bases from there.

It has also recently become an economic hub with massive Chinese investments especially in the area of building ports. The latest being a China-funded salt export hub valued at $64m.

The country is strategically positioned on the route to the Suez Canal. The tiny, barren nation is sandwiched between Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.

It enjoys cordial relations with all its neighbours except Eritrea – with whom it fought a deadly border war in 1998.

The withdrawal of Qatar as a mediator in the border tension reignited fears of an escalation of clashes between the two.


Zainab Sa’id