Don calls for tougher penalties on corruption

Taiwo Ojedele, Lagos

More stringent punishments should be meted out to those found guilty of corruption related offences in Nigeria, as this will serve as a deterrent to those intending to engage in such acts in the future.

This was the view of Professor of International law, Akin Oyebode against the background of the conviction of former Adamawa State governor, James Ngilari.

The Former Governor was sentenced to a five year jail term, after he was convicted for acts of corruption.

Professor Oyebode believes that an upward review of the penalties will help stem the tide of corruption in the country.

“We must increase the penalty for corrupt practices either you make it up to thirty years. You put people proven corrupt in jail and throw away the keys. Nigeria may no longer be putting corrupt people behind drums and executing them in the bar beach, but the current sanctions are a mere slap on the wrist,” he said.

He also advocates a ’’change the country’s political economy’’  for corruption to be permanently wiped out from the polity.

“We have to do away with this buccaneer capitalism that we have, dog eat dog. In this country nobody asks serious questions, once you make it, you make it. You build a house and do a big house warming ceremony, you are a success story and your local people will celebrate you because you succeeded in liberating some of the excesses from the national wealth which you cornered. The moral values in Nigeria have been subverted,” Professor Oyebode explained.

With the conviction of Former Adamawa State Governor, James Ingilari, successful prosecution of many more cases in court will further strengthen the belief that the present government is committed to fighting corruption in the country to a standstill.


Mercy Chukwudiebere