Ecuador to strengthen diplomatic relations with Nigeria

Adoba Echono, Abuja

The Ecuador Government has promised to strengthen its bilateral relations with Nigeria.

The Ecuadorian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Leopoldo Rovayo stated this in an interview with newsmen at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Nigeria, during the inauguration of a press room to facilitate the work of Nigerian journalists.

The Ambassador said Ecuador was ready to work with Nigeria in the diversification of the economy especially in agriculture.

“At the moment we are trying to find out in which way we can cooperate, the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has told us recently that we could cooperate in the area of Agriculture, because it is a very important issue to Nigeria,” Mr. Rovayo explained.

Mr. Rovayo said his country was also keen on strengthening its existing relations with other African countries.

“Our government made the decision to open four embassies in Africa: Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia and Angola which joined our embassies in Egypt and South Africa to strengthen the relations between Ecuador and Africa,” he said

He explained that the foreign policy of Ecuador also focus on Africa.

“There is the portion of the diplomatic policy of Ecuador that is Africa, Africa is very important to us as we have million of persons in Ecuador who are from afro descendants roots, so we have a lot in common to share with each other,” Mr. Rovayo noted.

On the press room also known as the situation room established by the Ecuadorian embassy in Nigeria, the Ambassador said that it is aimed at fostering better relations with the Nigerian media and to ease their work.

Mr. Rovayo said the situation room is named Petita Palma, an Afro descendant woman from the province of Esmeraldas Ecuador who worked to preserve the music, culture and dance of Esmeraldas.

Mrs. Palma, who received the National Prize Eugenio Espejo, also admires and defends the traditional music of Afro descendants root as well as promotes cultural association called Hot Land.

Nigeria and Ecuador established diplomatic relations in 1979.

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