Edo State will anchor a productive economy- Obaseki

Imelda Igbogi-Green

The Governor elect of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki

The Governor elect of Edo State, Godwin Obaseki has promised to build a state that will be anchor for a productive economy that will transform and empower its citizens.

Obaseki stated this while addressing Journalists at his party campaign office in Benin City, Edo State.

He said ‘’this is a historic victory to all Edo citizens and our great party, All Progressives Congress {APC}, it underscores clearly your preference for continuity and consolidation of our progress.’’

Mr Obaseki also promised to work hard to deliver all campaign promises made by himself and his party.

“By your vote, you have clearly avid your fate in my ability to lead our state forward into a new era’’… “We promised jobs, empowerment, to improve socio welfare services, and the more secure state. We will strive to deliver all these promises. We assure you that we will do everything in our power to address them.’’ he stated.

The governor elect expressed his “profound gratitude to all Edo people across the state that came out en mass to cast their vote and also to His Excellency President Muhammudu Buhari, Adam Oshomole the immediate past governor, campaign team led by the director general, my wife, family, friends and supporters who worked tirelessly to achieve this victory. I also want to salute my fellow constantans for putting on a Galant fight’’.

‘’I am happy that this election was generally peaceful with no loss of lives’’.

INEC Commendation

I commend INEC, as well as the securities agencies for their role of maintaining peace during the election.

He explained that ‘’it’s time to bury our objectives and act right for the good of our dear state. Our state is superior to all others interest and we must as individuals; subordinate our personal ambitions to that of the collective.

 ‘’A new future has begun, I pledge to work tirelessly for the good of all Edo people, irrespective of gender, social statue, ethnicity, religion or political affiliation.

The governor elect encouraged all sons and daughters of Edo State in the public and private sectors, especially those in the Diaspora to join him to build a great, strong and economically valuable Edo State adding that “for the success of Edo State does not depend on government alone, but for each and every one of us. Edo let’s go further together”. 


Mr John Osakwe, the Deputy Director General of Edo State {APC}, campaign, in a chat with Voice of Nigeria, stated that ‘’the Edo people are happy for the quality of person they have voted into power, a man that has good background, who you can rely on and he has contacts locally and internationally and he has started making his contracts for the development of Edo State’’.

He explained that what the Edo people are expecting from the governor elect is “good governance, accountability, responsible leadership and his delivery on his promises that he has made’’.

Hon. Bello Osagie, who also shared his view with Voice of Nigeria, said he was excited over the governorship election in the state. He stated that ‘’ politics is about the complement of life of our people and the development of our environment. God Almighty has intervened in our interest in Edo State to bring a man that is competent, that has capacity, that has strength of character that can work between the rules of engagement.

“Edo State is about to witness infrastructural development, economic development, because Governor Godwin Obaseki is committed to the development in Edo State’’….‘’I believe we should be celebrating and thanking God for giving us a generational gift. Edo State will be a state that will be big within the communities of states,’’ Hon. Osagie said.

Gubernatorial Election

The Edo State governorship election held on the 28th of September and was successful; the people of the state came out en mass to cast their votes for the candidate of their choice.

Godwin Obaseki, Edo State governorship candidate under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress party {APC}, was declared winner by INEC on the 29th September 2016.