Egypt strengthens security partnership with Nigeria

Zubairu Mohammed, Abuja

Egypt and Nigeria will continue to fight terrorism and other challenges in their countries and beyond.

The Egyptian Ambassador to Nigeria, Assem Hanafi Elseify stated this during this year’s 65th Egyptian National Day Celebration organised by the Egyptian Embassy in Abuja.

“Both countries face common and dire challenges of poverty eradication, job creation, social welfare and good governance. There are also the evil scourge of terrorism and conflicts affecting many neighbouring States,’’ Mr Elseify said.

Mr. Hanafy added that, “with enormous sense of determination that both governments are tackling those challenges, progress have been made in combating extremist group and more serious attention to diversify the national economies and creating enabling environment for doing business and simulating growth and investment”.

Bilateral issues
The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Khadija Ibrahim highlighted some of the areas which the two countries enjoy.

“Am happy to say that there are lot of bilateral issues that have been discussed with the Egyptian and the Nigerian Governments in area of agriculture , defense, infrastructure, and other key sectors that are needed for the advancement of any nation,” she explained.

The event ended with the inauguration of the Arab Organisation for Industrialisation in Nigeria, for the first time in African continent. Lieutenant General Abdel-Aziz Seilfelden is the chairman of the Organisation.

Sammie Idika