Eid-el-Maulud: President Buhari calls for deep reflection

Ben Adam Shemang

Nigerian Muslims have joined their counterparts in the globe to mark the birth of Prophet Mohammed,  a solemn occasion President Buhari says calls for “ deep reflection, because it is another opportunity of pausing, taking a deep breath and reflecting on the current realities before us.”

He wished all Muslims a happy and memorable celebration of the birth of the Prophet, “through whose teachings, particularly on peaceful living, tolerance, sobriety, generosity, sacrifice and honesty, and wisdom, the nation has gained immensely in building a harmonious and prosperous society. The universal truths of the Prophet’s values remain unchanged,” the Nigerian leader said.

In the midst of this, the president said security agents  have continued to secure a just and fair society, and that such efforts were beginning to yield dividends in curbing terrorism, militancy, corruption and other crimes that “devalue our humanity.”

He urged Nigerians not to lose faith in the ability of his administration to make a difference in their lives.

The reality of the temporary challenges should not undermine our hope, reverse our collective will to succeed, or divide us; rather it should remind us of why we need to stay together, fight together and succeed together.  We all share a vision of a better Nigeria, and we will all share in the responsibility of building the country of our dreams”, President Buhari made the passionate appeal.

The president said the 2017 Budget proposals which he will lay before the National Assembly on Wednesday, will contain measures that  will get the nation out of its economic woods.