Entertainment Industry will thrive in 2017-`Six Foot Plus’

Mr Alfred Kaltungu, popularly referred to as `Six Foot Plus’ said he was optimistic that the entertainment industry in Abuja would thrive better in 2017.

The Abuja based rapper who said this in an interview in Abuja, added that though there were some entertainment events in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the out gone year, but maintained that 2017 would be better.

“I know there were some certain events in 2016; I think the Abuja entertainment industry is growing.

“ Close to the end of the year, there was this `Yulada’ event and it was really big; they had days for the regular Nigerian stars and the next day were for gospel stars.

“Femi Kuti had an event in Abuja, another was Tuface and victor Uwaifo and then Amana had his own show, `Despicable me and there were numbers of shows last year. 

“I hope and am very positive that 2017will be better; looking forward, hoping and believing as we go forward that we will experience progress.

“What we need to do is to look back and analyse what was done right and what went wrong so as to improve in 2017,’’ he said.

The `E don do me’ hit maker said that though some Abuja based artists were having challenges, but added that getting support would go a long way to assist.

He noted that entertainers needed support to be able to put their events together, saying that the support was not only tied to funding alone.

“You can have arrangements where you don’t need to use large sum of money; maybe if you get venue, some other outfits can give you publicity and all that.

“When you are dealing with these things, you have to think about security and mobility.

“There are car shops that can support you as partners so that when you have big show, they can give you car to carry your stars,’’ he said.

According to him, some internet sites for promotion will want you to pay for publicity.

“The bottom line is that artistes and entertainers need to have a strong relationship with people in the industry.

“By so doing, it will reduce the amount of money they may have to spend at the end of the day.’’