Enugu engages health workers in tackling disease outbreaks

Enugu Government has engaged the services of 291 health workers to monitor and minimize spread of diseases in the state.The Director of Public Health Services, Dr. Okechukwu Ossai, who disclosed this in Enugu on Saturday, said that the workers would also report incidences of disease outbreaks to 88 focal sites for disease surveillance in the state.

He noted that the involvement of local informants in localities was fashioned to facilitate timely knowledge and information on disease outbreak at ward levels.

The director explained that government extended its network on disease surveillance to check the practice of self-medication and unconventional treatments for disease that could be a threat to others.

Ossai said the state government has already employed and trained 87 Disease Surveillance Officers on case definitions and symptoms of emerging and re-emerging diseases.“We have to up our game and be on high alert due to the challenges of emerging and re-emerging diseases”, he said.

He also noted that people at ward and state levesl will be put on alert “as well as integrating facility based-surveillance to community based-surveillance to ensure we are pro-active,’’ he said.