Enugu Investment Summit targets 10 sectors

Cyril Okonkwo, Enugu

Ten sectors have been targeted as potential areas that will be of interest to investors as the Enugu Investment Summit begins on Tuesday at the Michael Okpara Square, Enugu.

The Director-General of the summit,  Mr Ike Chioke, who spoke with Voice of Nigeria in Enugu, said the sectors include solid minerals and mining, power generation and distribution, agriculture and agro-based processing, tourism and health tourism development.

Other areas include transportation, media, information technology and entertainment, free-trade zone, manufacturing, real estate and tertiary education development.

Oganiru, the Igbo word for progress, is the concept that provides the underlying philosophy of the summit.

Chioke said the idea of the summit, named Oganiru, came from the Economic Advisory Committee, inaugurated by Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi immediately he assumed office last May.

He said the committee looked into the four-point agenda of the governor, which focuses on employment generation and wealth creation, security and social justice, rural development, social service and good governance, and designed a blueprint that will drive the development of the state.

“The idea stems from Governor Ugwuanyi in trying to implement his Four-point Agenda. He was immediately aware that the fortunes of the state would not be able to maintain it going forward,” Chioke said.

According to Mr Chioke, the summit, which targets investors from all parts of the world, would also look at investments that would revive some moribund industries in Enugu State.


Mr Chioke said the Enugu State government expects that at the end of the summit, it would “be able to articulate several key investment areas, where government would not have to put much money or no money at all.”

Enabling environment

He said the aim of the Enugu State government was to create the enabling environment for companies to thrive, create employment and drive the economic growth of the state.

Part of the enabling environment, according to him, would be the establishment of an industrial park with developed infrastructure where investors in micro, small and medium enterprises,MSMEs, could easily be given land to build their businesses.