Expert advocates good risk management for businesses 

Terver Dominic

Program director NFPAWA Antonia Beri (left) with dignitaries in Lagos
 Business owners have been told not to neglect operational risk management because of its importance for business continuity.
A seasoned professional in project management and quality control, Roland Ngong said the importance of operational risk managent in business can not be overlooked in order to mitigate risk as a result avoid cost.
Mr Ngong who is the vice president of the organising committee, 2017 conference of the National Fire Protection Association West Africa NFPAWA believes” business owners who want to continually benefit financially from their businessess must begin to see the value in business risk management”. Many businesses have folded off because entrepreneurs overlook risk management aspect of doing business especially in Africa.
Preventive steps, he said, can be taken to help minimize the risk of business folden up prematurely.
We must be prompt in seeking the advises of experts on the importance of operational risk management in business to avoid the unforeseen because whether we like it or not bad things happen in business and they come unannounced” 
There was training carried for module, NFPA 75, which is about standard fire protection of Information Technology equipment which covers the requirements for the protection of information technology equipment from fire damage, its associated effects, smoke, corrosion, heat and water.
The NFPA 75 is the Standard for the Fire Protection of Telecommunications Facilities.
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