Expert cautions against unregulated use of agro chemicals

Dr Yusuf Madaki, Director, Animal Health, Yobe Livestock Development Programme, says unregulated use of herbicides, pesticides and other agro chemicals could harm the ecosystem and honey production in Nigeria.

He bemoaned the growing trend of unregulated application of herbicides and insecticides on crops in farms which, he said, had adversely affected animals, birds and insects.

When you apply the chemicals, the air and flower nectar get polluted affecting animals, birds and insects, while the flowers are destroyed,” he said.

Madaki noted that farmers often engaged in uncontrolled use of chemicals, thereby wreaking havoc on the ecosystem.

As a result, the quantity and quality of honey production have grossly declined, increasing the risks of people consuming adulterated products,’’ he said.

Madaki said that there was a huge economic potential in bee-keeping and honey production, adding: “This can be exploited to create employment opportunities and boost the country’s economy.”

He advocated the use of natural products such as neem tree seeds which, he said, could serve as herbicides and fertilisers for crops in farms.

Such natural products are environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and animals, while they are also affordable,’’ he added.


Mazino Dickson