FCTA to report insurance firms to Anti-graft Agencies

Hudu Yakubu, Abuja

A map of Abuja, FCT

The Federal Capital Territory Administration in Nigeria has said it would drag some insurance firms involved in its Group Life Assurance Scheme to the anti-graft agencies for failing to settle claims of some deceased staff of the FCTA.

The Permanent Secretary of the FCT, Dr. Babatope Ajakaiye, while meeting with the representatives of the nine insurance companies that are involved in the scheme in Abuja, described the act as heartless.

The Permanent Secretary hinted that insurance firms that refused to pay its client claims from 2007 to date were deliberately frustrating the implementation of the laudable policy.

We made this policy so that we can take care of those they left behind and if we could bring you in as our partners to implement this scheme and then you default in your own area, year after year, for us to be having unpaid claims from 2007 till date, is seriously unacceptable”,.

When I received brief on this issue I felt very unhappy. I felt very bad. If there is anything I don’t play with wherever I go, it is staff welfare, especially the welfare of those who are so unfortunate to depart from us”, he lamented.

Dr. Ajakaiye added that he wouldn’t mind if that would be the only thing he will achieve in office as a Permanent Secretary in FCT, stressing that he will make sure entitlements are paid to those who are supposed to benefit from it.

He therefore gave the insurance firms thirty days deadline to pay the deceased families or face the full wrath of the law, saying that the era of impunity is gone.

The Permanent Secretary also explained that he would go to any length to ensure that the claims are paid.

The present crop of leadership in the FCTA places high premium on staff welfare and would not tolerate crass lawlessness and misdemeanour from any insurance company”.

We won’t allow you to continue to do whatever you like with this money. This money is already with you and the Administration does not owe you. If this (payment) is not done within the stipulated period, we will write to Mr. President on this matter and be assured that the security agencies including the anti-graft bodies will treat this as economic sabotage,” he insisted.

The insurance claims of some of the FCT deceased staff which run into billions of Naira have been pending since 2007, a development that has kept the next of kin of the deceased in financial and emotional trauma

Some of the companies involved in the FCT Group Life Assurance scheme include Leadway Assurance, Standard Alliance, Crystal Life, Capital Express, Zenith General Insurance, Intercontinental Life Assurance Company, Wapic Life Assurance, Oceanic Life, Lasco and Goldlink.