Federal government promises better future for the Nigerian child.

Ijeoma Nwankpa, Abuja

The Nigerian government says it is making efforts to address the challenges facing the Nigerian child, for a better future. 
President Muhammadu Buhari stated this in his message to mark this year’s National Children’s Day. 
He also said that more measures were being put in place to ensure the safety of the Nigerian child as well as put an end to all forms of violence against them. 
“We are committed to ensure the welfare of our children to enhance their present and future roles in national growth and development and to fulfill our promise of a better Nigeria for all our people. “
President Buhari also assured Nigerians that his administration would ensure an end to terrorist activities in the country.
“Our children and youth have a very significant role to play in ensuring that our democratic Institutions of governance are continuously nurtured, improved and strengthened to underpin national development and prosperity. “
President Mohammadu Buhari also reaffirmed that it is the right of every Nigerian child to have access to quality and affordable education,health care and other basic necessities for a good life in a peaceful and secured environment. 
“The good health and well being of the Nigerian children remain a top priority on our agenda for national development and we have demonstrated our strong commitment in this regard with the allocation of twelve point six billion naira ‎in the 2016 budget for vacancies and programmes to prevent childhood killer diseases such as Polio, measles and yellow fever. “
On her part, UNICEF Representative in Nigeria, Jean Gough in her good will message said that this year’s Children’s Day offers an opportunity to highlight the significant pledges made by the Nigerian government, Non governmental organisations, Religious groups and the Media to end Violence against children.
She therefore called fore renewed efforts by all stakeholders to turn commitments into action.
Children’s Day is recognized on various days in many countries around the world to honour children. 
It is a day set aside by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child on November 20, 1959 and Convention on the Rights of the Child on November 20th , 1989.
The Convention recommended that each country should choose a day with an appropriate theme to suit the country’s challenges and needs. Nigeria choose May 27th annually, to raise awareness on the challenges facing the Nigerian Child.
The theme of this year’s Children’s day celebration is ‘Protect the rights of the Child in the face of Violence and Insecurity, end Child marriage’.