Former President Goodluck Jonathan preaches more unity

Timothy Choji, Abuja

Former Nigerian President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan says citizens of the country must live in peace and be firmly united, in order to utilise its resources and move the country forward.

Jonathan made the remark at the Presidential Villa Abuja, shortly after paying a visit to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Jonathan, who drove into the Presidential Villa on Wednesday afternoon, was full of smiles as he answered questions from State House Correspondents.

He said the vandalism of pipelines by militants in the Niger-Delta was worrisome and both he and other stakeholders from the region would not relent, as they find a solution to the problem.

“If you read the papers, you will see that it’s not just about me but all the traditional rulers, elders and opinion leaders of the Ijaw ethnic nationalities, we have been in touch to see that these issues are resolved,” he said.

Peaceful Coexistence

Dr Jonathan called on Nigerians to remain peaceful and united, in order to enjoy the resources God has endowed the country with, as well as earn more respect for the country globally.

“We need a united Nigeria and I always emphasised that Nigeria is great, not just because of oil. We are great because of our size, the human resources we have and the diversity we have. So if we balkanize the country into a small component we will all be forgotten by the world. So that has been my focal position. Without peace you can never rate development anywhere in the world, so we must all work collectively to see that peace reigns in the country,” The former President advised.

Giving reason for his visit to the Villa, he said it was mandatory for him as a former President to always brief the incumbent on both state and international assignments, adding that he would soon be leading the AU delegation to monitor elections in Zambia.

Goodluck Jonathan it would be recalled is Nigeria’s immediate past President, who handed over to President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 2015.