G20: Nigeria focuses on investment, partnerships

The Nigerian Government says it would focus mainly on investments and partnerships at the G20 Summit scheduled for 7-8 of July 2017.

The Nigerian Minister for Trade and Investments, Dr Okechukwu Enelamah, who stated this in an interview, explained that “the G20 summit’s new approach is for Africans and African countries to accept responsibility for their own development”.

Dr Enelamah said Nigeria would tap into all the summit has to offer, with a view of boosting the Nigerian economy.

The Nigerian government under this current dispensation has in place partnerships with private investments for development thereby the German leadership of the G20 along with the Nigerian government are in sync”, the minister said.

He noted that Nigeria is currently implementing economic reforms aimed at providing an enabling business environment for its citizens.

The creation of this environment will enable businesses to thrive and thus boost the economy” the Minister explained.

Enelamah also noted that with the input of the World Bank to improve businesses in Nigeria, along with executive orders already being implemented on transparency and ease of doing business, the economy was bound to make a full recovery.

He maintained that private and public sectors partnerships are important and have the ability to enhance industrialization and support development.

On the issue of aid provision to African countries, the minister said he would not totally support non-provision of aid to African countries but encouraged said countries to take home the values and significance acquired at the summit.

Ime N